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5 Ways to Ignite Brain Power

5 Ways to Ignite Brain Power
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Experiencing mental fatigue and having trouble with concentration is a common occurrence for most people at some point in the day. After all, the daily routine of waking up early, hustling to work or school, and tackling various tasks as quickly as possible can be mentally exhausting. At some point, the brain begins to slow down and it becomes more difficult to focus. While this is to be expected, there are some simple changes that can help elevate brain power and improve mental clarity. Here are 5 ways to boost your brain power.

1) Get plenty of sleep. If you are one of those people, who sleep four or five hours a night, it’s time to take your nightly rest more seriously. A good night’s sleep not only helps heal and restore the body, it also recharges the brain, and allows for clearer thinking the following day. While you slumber, your brain is able to process and store data more effectively. Shoot for 6-8 hours a night. You will feel much better in the morning, and your brain will function more clearly throughout the day.

2) Eat the right foods. There are specific foods that can help boost your brain power. For instance, celery may help reduce brain inflammation, which improves brain function and overall health. Walnuts provide omega-3 fatty acids, which help protect the brain, and assist with the function of neurotransmitters. Omega-3s also improve blood flow and promote heart health. Cauliflower and broccoli can elevate brain activity, since vitamins in these vegetables promote brain cell growth. Other foods to consider for increased brain function include crab, garbanzo beans, red meat, nuts, blueberries, and buckwheat.

3) Make time for relaxation. Taking a moment to relax and zone out is not always easy. This is especially true if you have a career, family, and daily errands to take care of. There is always something that needs to get done. However, busy and chaotic lifestyles cause anxiety and stress, which has a negative impact on the brain. Take a few minutes or more to calm the mind. This can be done by taking a brief walk or trying yoga. Sitting with your eyes closed and taking a few deep breaths also helps relieve stress and improve brain function.

4) Challenge your brain. The more you challenge your brain, the better it will function. After all, the brain requires regular exercise, just like the body does. Some simple ways to challenge your mind are by playing Scrabble, doing crossword puzzles, or playing chess. Learning a foreign language is also a great way to exercise the brain. Even socializing with friends and coworkers can help boost brain power and cognitive function.

5) Increase physical activity. Many people do not take physical activity seriously. Regular exercise not only benefits your muscles, metabolism, and heart, it also improves brain activity. After all, blood flow to the brain is increased, and nerve cells are multiplied. This in turn encourages neural health, protects the brain from damage, and improves your ability to learn. Some studies have shown that regular exercise enables the brain to react more quickly and work more efficiently.

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