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The Amazing Benefits of Family Photos

The Amazing Benefits of Family Photos
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Family photos create lasting impressions. More than snapshots that often end up as drawer debris never to be seen again a family photo can become a living room centerpiece that is proudly displayed throughout the years. Whether it´s a professional portrait taken in a studio or an amateur fling on the family vacation, each photo delivers a visual and meaningful impact that can be preserved for all time.
Providing visual aids for tall tales, photos pass important pieces of information down from one generation to the next. Photos are unchanging and accurate. They establish a Who´s Who  baseline for family lore. Stories can be unreliable, change each time they´re told, and are only as good as the story-teller. A story can be forgotten or never shared. Here are just a few of the numerous benefits of preserving family history with photos, either on a website, an album, a scrapbook, or in some other creative way. 
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Medical IssuesShowing demeanor and dress, family photos connect faces with genealogy, or “the family tree.”  That tree helps trace back medical issues that run in the family. Common medical issues can help bind the family, too. Importantly, a permanent chronicle of family medical histories can help in diagnosing unsolved symptoms at any age. Lives, young and old, can be saved.
Family photos can also provide a special connection between present and past relatives. Strong family connections stick like glue, giving everyone a sense of home and place. Through good times and bad, sharing photo memories of loved ones is chicken soup for the soul and good medicine, too.
A Family Photo Website: If you don´t know much of your family history, you should start learning more and preserving what you can today, so that the youngest in your family can know who they are, where they came from, and enjoy these photos far in their future. Many family photos are accessible through Internet and social media websites. Collect everything out there and create a family photo website. It´s one way to share your life with long-distance family relatives and friends. Photos can help build strong relationships with distant relatives and friends and even mend broken relationships. Preserve whatever photographs you have today so that they will bring joy to others tomorrow. 
Bonding With the Family: The family unit is the heart of social life, where we learn to how to connect. Through our family relations we build great self-confidence, good relationships with others, personal discipline, and even strong religious faith. Strong family ties provide a platform from which we all spring into life, going through phases and achieving milestones until we become self-fulfilled adults. It`s a long journey with many photo opportunities along the way, and each one is well worth preserving. Family history that is captured through photography and preserved through family archival scrapbooks creates images that can influence personal development, too. 
Personal Development: Making an archival scrapbook can be an immensely rewarding and value-adding activity that preserves and treasures family memories. Scrapbooks can help in the personal growth and development of everyone involved. It´s one of many meaningful activities that adds support to your life, support that is Josep M Rovirosanecessary for personal growth and emotional maturity. The finished product will be a beauty (both you and the scrapbook!), one that you and your family can be proud of for generations. Bringing out the archival scrapbook during special occasions or even over dinner bonds a family and helps its members see each other in a different light, how much they themselves have developed, and how they feel right now.
Feeling Centered: Seeing is believing, and with scrapbooks you can see a united family hugging each other or holding hands with love and support of the people who matter most. That makes anyone feel warm and centered. Having the photos of a loving family in front of you generates a positive can-do and optimistic attitude, enough to carry a person through hard times and overcome adversity.
Accomplishing Your Goals: In a suggestive, roundabout way family photos can even help family members accomplish their goals. Scrap book photos show a trend of success through the years. That picture that was taken of you on graduation day…. from pre-school! Can you believe it! … and all the others over the years, from one success to another help motivate and show the value of hard work, determination and patience. Your photographic history shows the goals that you have accomplished in the past and suggests that all such goals will be accomplished in the future, as if the family album is boasting, “No problem, the sky´s the limit.” 
Solid Family Relations: Family sets the tone for your life, and family photos help family members realize that each and every person in the family is important, that we are not alone, and that we are all part of something larger than ourselves. By enhancing a sense of togetherness, family photos create solid family relations that lead to personal satisfaction. Well-knit families are “peas in a pod.” They produce great people with great accomplishments that are often preserved in a family scrapbook. 
Move Ahead With Your Life:  Think ahead and avoid living in the past. A family scrapbook can help. By showcasing a family history of success each year, that photo history of success challenges every member to build for their future. Photos of past generations going on vacations together, going to graduation parties, baptism ceremonies, and other occasions set a standard, and create expectations for everyone to work hard and chip in. Knowing that everyone cares, that your life is important and will be seen by future generations can be a great motivator for that next bold move forward.   
Developing Good Relationships with Others: In life, everyone must interact with people who are not family members and friends. Family photos capture memories that show you interacting positively with everyone around you. If you have a good relationship with your own folks, chances are that you are also going to have excellent relationships with others. The documentation of photos through the scrapbooks shows how much you and your family enjoy other people’s company and sets the stage for good relationships with others.   
Gaining Inner Peace: Inner peace is everything in life and can only come from self-satisfaction. Knowing that you have the unconditional support of your family and that you have solid family relations can raise that inner peace to a new level. We may forget to visit the family photos for long periods and need a boost at times. When we live away from family, for a job or or for education, it´s reassuring to know that the family photos are there, all together in one place. 
Resolving Conflicts: The ability to resolve and improve issues with others can be affected by family photos, too. Photography brings back memories of all the good times, times when maybe you and that person you are now in conflict with got along like “bugs in a rug.” The memories of the happy times you had together may help you to resolve and even improve issues that which have driven you apart. Family photos show the potential for harmony that is always there. 
Self-Realizations: Develop self-realizations, know yourself, and “to thine own self be true.” Seeing your photos, as the images change over the years in all kinds of situations with all kinds of people can result in great self-realizations. You may realize how beautifully made you are and how wonderfully you have matured. Knowing that you are physically attractive boosts your self-confidence, self-image and relationships with others. Knowing how well you are liked and get along with everyone helps, too.
New Influences: The ability to be open to new ideas and influences in life, influences that promote your personal development, can be tremendously life-affirming, and build a big-hearted attitude. Maybe you can see that kind of attitude presented in your genealogy and depicted through family photos. If it’s a cheerful, positive attitude, it will shine through the poses with wide smiles. Chances are that the open and optimistic attitude you see in your family photo album will shine through you.   
Being of Service: Serving others, being of service, and doing good deeds can all be captured on film or in photos and preserved. It was through photographs that the good deeds of Mother Teresa of Calcutta inspired others around the world. You may not be Mother Teresa but you do your best and are committed to others.  Photos of your history of service to others can serve to motivate everyone who sees them. Photos can be a fountain of inspirational values for serving others and becoming a better person.
Our House: We are a huge family and we love to travel and have fun together. We are all busy but we try our personal best to make spare time for scrap-booking together. We use a few hours of each week to share this time together. By making a family album and archiving family news clippings, memorabilia, and photos we build each other up.  Our children are able to learn about us, their parents, their grandparents and their great grandparents, too. Meanwhile, the adults have fun reliving past memories.  
We love what we do for these few hours each week and we know that future generations will enjoy learning their family history – especially the way we present it!! 
Scrap-booking has done wonders in our family, helping everyone feel connected and centered and know that they are loved. We´ve all been able to accomplish our long-term goals, enjoy solid family relations, avoid living in the past, develop great relationships, have inner peace, and resolve, even improve our issues with others. Along the way we´ve come to some realizations about the importance of serving others. 
But we´re always open to new ideas. If you´ve got some, be sure to put them in your family scrapbook and pass them along to your whole family – even the ones who aren´t born yet! 

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