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Brain Plasticity – Mastering your Brainwaves

Brain Plasticity – Mastering your Brainwaves
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Mastering your Brainwaves

Different brain waves in reaction to different states of our mental and physical being, can profoundly influence our lives.

It helps to know what brain waves may cause havoc in our brains and which ones produce well-being or even bliss.

The Beta Wave – 14 to 21 cycles per sec.

This is our ordinary waking state, with most of our activity being at about 20 to 22 cycles per second. At this level, we reason, MASTER YOUR BRAINWAVESrationalize, and execute whatever chores we need to do.
However, this frequency will increase with stress, and as faster it goes as more stress and nervous you will get and feel.
As more stress you encounter, as faster your brain frequency becomes.
If it goes up to about 60 cycles per sec. you will get hysteric and a bit higher you will pass out.

The message is simple; anything above 30 cycles per seconds may have a negative impact on your well-being.

The Alpha Wave, yes, that’s the one we can achieve and like most 🙂

The frequency is from 7 to 14 cycles per second.

This is the State of Mind where you are in a “relaxed alertness”.

You are calm and peaceful, with clear creative thinking, ideas, solutions and intuitive breakthroughs.
Studying is easy. This is the State of Mind, where you can reach your full potential.
This is also the state, where your body is regenerating itself, with an increase in health and vitality.

The Theta Wave, deep sleep – between 4 and 7 cycles per sec.

All our emotional experiences are recorded here. A good sleep therefore is vital. It is also the stae you reach with deep meditation and mental imagery.

…. and lastly …

The Delta Wave, deepest dreamless sleep – less than 4 cycles per sec.

How does that info help with Brain Plasticity?

It helps us to redefine our lifestyle with a concept of how to put ourselves into the best practical brain wave state.
For starters, avoiding a life of stress is a good option.
Next, think about how to get to those desired brain waves, mainly the Alpha and Theta brainwave.

Here are some simple tips:

Number one is visualisation, which can be achieved in many different ways, and as I am a fan of combining techniques for greater intensity, I know of no better way then starting to learn to draw and paint. Combining the fun of drawing, with achievement, and the lateral effects of being transported into Alpha and using your right side of the brain more effectively is priceless.

Learning to draw truly opens the world of visualisation, which is one of the favourite methods to achieve brain plasticity.

Intensive Visualisation takes up more space than any other brain activity, and therefore has the greatest effect one can achieve by oneself without the help from; supplements, medication or therapeutic direct brain stimuli.

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