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Brain Training with Dr. Leslie Sherlin

Brain Training with Dr. Leslie Sherlin
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Dr. Sherlin is the Chief Science Officer of SenseLabs, Co-Creator of Versus, and a proud “brain hacker” – meaning he knows the fastest paths to results. Whether that be overcoming a mental struggle, dealing with a debilitating issue, increasing brain plasticity, cognitive function or becoming the best competitor you can, Dr. Sherlin has a solution. And it involves neurofeedback.

Versus Brain Training

This interview with expert brain training specialist Dr. Leslie Sherlin focuses on:

  1. How we can make brain training not the negative stigmatized perception that has historically taken place.
  2. How the increasing awareness of brain training and technology is creating a huge opportunity.
  3. The barriers that we’ve been solving through our work (research and technology development) to make affordable and portable technology that doesn’t lose efficacy.
  4. Implementation and how a user should/might engage with brain training and the potential benefits and intended use.
  5. Routines and tips for all of us to work on in our daily lives.

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Dr. Sherlin’s Recommended Daily Routines

  1. Eat healthy
  2. Sleep a full 8 hours every night
  3. Exercise

Dr. Sherlin’s Recommended Reads

The Rise of Superman

Contact Dr. Sherlin

866.870.2982 ext 210


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