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78-Year-Old Man Accused of Sexual Assault on His Wife with Dementia!

78-Year-Old Man Accused of Sexual Assault on His Wife with Dementia!
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Recently, A 78-year-old man was accused of sexual assault on his wife with dementia. We asked Mr. Glenn to explain the circumstances and give us a brief insight into this strange and interesting case.

About this article: “They were two good people who were good together,” Huber said.
To me, this story is a simple case of generally pissed off daughters and a prosecutor seeking attention. There is no legal case, only publicity.

The couple was married and loved each other. The woman never complained to anyone; and whatever happened in their room at the nursing home is strictly their own business. Moreover, there is no witness; the so-called “victim” has died. Who knows if she opposed sex with her husband or if, in fact, she initiated it? The accusation of rape is ridiculous.

During the French Revolution, and more recent revolutions too, anyone could accuse or “denounce” anyone else of practically anything. The accused stood a good chance of being executed. People took advantage of the situation to get rid of their enemies, business competitors or even people they didn’t like. US criminal justice sometimes takes on this same flavor of “denouncement.”

A case with disgruntled daughters and a politically-motivated prosecutor may not be the best way to show differences between Alzheimer’s and dementia. This article does a good a job explaining the often subtle differences in symptoms, but the diseases are defined more by their distinct histologies. Alzheimer’s shows microscopic clumps of neurofibrillary tangles, whereas dementia is the broad umbrella category that includes Alzheimer’s and many other types of brain disease.

The case does have great potential, though, as a comedy skit for Bill Mahrer, SNL, or Jon Stewart…   “Based on evidence generated so far, state prosecutors are likely to portray Rayhons as a sex-hungry man who took advantage of a sweet, confused woman who didn’t know what month it was, forgot how to eat a hamburger and lost track of her room.”  The so-called “perpetrator” or “perp” was a lonely 78 year-old state legislator with a dying wife in a nursing home. Of course he went to her room; he loved her.

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