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How to Feel Happy Always

How to Feel Happy Always
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How to Feel Happy Always

Who doesn’t want to experience that feeling of total ecstasy and freedom?  You’d probably ask how this is possible or even whether it’s legal. Well, to start with, this has nothing to do with drugs or alcohol. So, let go and feel total peace within by following these simple and completely safe suggestions.

1. Feel high through meditation

Meditation will  take you to the next level. It’s  highly recommended to treat depression. A  person who meditates on a daily basis suffers less mental trauma and stress. This simple practice gives you a sense of peace and calmness within your inner self.  Meditation creates a sense of balance between your body and mind and gives you control over your spiritual well being.  You have total control of your destiny. This simple process is way better than any  drug—whether legal or otherwise. There’s no danger of dying from an overdose. In fact, the more you meditate, the higher and happier you become. So, you can use meditation as a drug to give you the kicks.

  1. Ecstatic Dance will give you the desired “kick.”

We all love dancing? In fact, dance has been used for centuries as medication for mental illnesses. It can strike a balance between the body, the mind, and the soul. So, what kind of dance should try out? Ever thought of the Hula hooping? It’s the kind of ecstatic dance that takes you right into the deep of a trance where you experience an overwhelming excitement. You might, however, need to seek the help of a dance teacher. The teacher will guide you on how to select the routine and what song to use. Also, for maximum enjoyment, you must give yourself to the music by letting go of all inhibitions. The hoop is meant to create harmony within you, so don’t get alarmed when you feel slightly lightheaded. The gyrations are meant to give you positive power that generates from the heart and energizes the entire body and mind.

3. Kundalini Yoga: the Divine way to feel high

Any yoga is spiritual. Kundalini Yoga is the one to take you closer to the heavens, fast. It will help you maintain awareness as it elevates your spiritual well-being. The practice targets the spinal cord that controls your mental judgment. It’s the spinal cord that determines your imaginations, thoughts, intellect and even memories. How exactly does Kundalini Yoga take you there?

Simple, it awakens the power within the spine—it’s always there, but needs awakening. There’s this metaphorical “coiled snake” that resides in the spine. Kundalini Yoga will help control the snake. So, all you have to do is order it to release the power and there you are,  feeling all fresh and powerful!

Mastering the art of Kundalini yoga requires dedication and focus. It may appear confusing in the beginning, but with time, you will get the hang of it.

  1. Conscious Breathing is the way to go!

It’s time you became aware of your breathing. Conscious breathing is a good way of training your mind to think only about goodness and happiness. Controlled breathing can help you feel relaxed. The “science” behind this is that your brain works better when it receives more oxygen. A relaxed conscious breathing will relax the muscles and allow more oxygen to enter the body.  Try to do this with your eyes closed to increase concentration. The results will overwhelm you! You will feel so happy and at peace with the universe that you’ll never touch cannabis again.

5. Make love often and feel extremely happy

Getting an orgasm is like getting a driver’s license to happiness. Clean and safe sex is good for you. The increased breathing and heartbeat during lovemaking will enhance blood circulation and the functioning of the other important organs. It rejuvenates the energy within and gives your body a new lease of life..  Give yourself a well-deserved boost tonight. A little indulgence won’t kill you.

How to be happy always

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