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How to Improve Blood Circulation

How to Improve Blood Circulation
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You must take notice of these symptoms in order to correct poor blood circulation before it becomes a serious health concern.

Visible Symptoms and Signs of Poor Blood Circulation

  • Cognition (thinking) slows – The reason we’re all here (or most of us) – to improve brain function! Well, it turns out that blood flow is directly related to your ability to use your brain. Poor circulation can mean brain dysfunctions like short term memory loss and entire lack of focus. For a healthier brain, as well as stronger vessels, you need a lot of healthy fats. Coconut oil is a great way to take care of your brain and circulatory system at the same time. Here’s a guide to get started incorporated coconut oil in your life. Click here >>>

  • Embarrassing erectile dysfunction – It goes without saying that an erection requires blood. When your (speaking to the guys out there) blood vessels are constricted, or your heart is weak, you will not be able to get a sustained erection! That’s a scary statement. Take notice and get healthy. To cure your ED, we know this program works >>> 

  • Uncomfortable swelling – Poor circulation leads to kidney malfunction, i.e. swelling of appendages – hands and feet. The reason for this result is the circulatory symptoms need to deposit excess fluids. Swollen hands and feet become the storage facilities for those fluids.

  • Painful ulcers – We’ve all heard of stomach ulcers. But what about ulcers that appear on top of the skin? You may have seen these on your grandfather – they are more often found on us when we reach our later years. But, if you still have your youth, and see a rash-like patch on your skin that won’t go away… you could have poor circulation. For a skin ulcer treatment, click here >>>

  • Ugly varicose veins – When your heart is weak, your blood pressure builds. This causes those smaller vessels, the ones just below the skin, to become swollen and spider out. Sitting for long periods of time, or crossing your legs will amplify that. To get rid of varicose veins, follow this guide >>>

  • Hair loss and weak nails – Blood carries nutrients to the farthest areas away from your heart. The first sign of poor circulation can be thin and frail toe/fingernails, as well as thinning hair. Those parts of your body farthest from your heart, that require the most nutrients, will be the canary in the coal mine for poor circulation. For a comprehensive hair growth ebook, click here >>> For a hair growth remedy, click here >>> 

  • Poor digestion – Your circulatory system tells other systems how fast to work. When you are healthy and active, your digestive system works faster. When you are unhealthy and have slow circulation, your digestive system will slow and constipation will ensue. Again, it’s so important to watch for these signs of poor circulation. To boost digestion, lose weight, and have more energy, try a juice cleanse. Here’s a comprehensive list of top juicing recipes you can use >>>

  • A weak immune system – If hair loss and constipation don’t scare you, what about pathogens taking over? As in, your body not being able to protect itself from these pathogens because your blood can’t carry antibodies to troubled areas fast enough. That’s scary. If you would like to replenish your immune system with new cells and enzymes to keep you healthy, try a juice cleanse. Here’s a comprehensive list of top juicing recipes you can use >>>

  • What the heck is Angina? – Have you ever experienced a chest pain that forced you to hit yourself out of fear that your heart had stopped??? This may be Angina. It happens when the heart pumps less blood, which leads to pressure build up around the heart… which hurts. Any time your circulation plummets, you may feel this pain.

  • Hopefully you don’t feel numbness often – Ok, those of you still reading have poor circulation, or you have someone very close to you with these exact symptoms. Having limbs go numb should only happen when you sleep on them or cross them for an extended period of time. If your limbs go numb, in the slightest, without much pressure, you have poor circulation.

 What are the life-threatening symptoms of poor circulation?

  • Pulmonary embolism – This is no joke. It’s when a clot in the blood vessel occurs within the lung. Most people die from pulmonary embolisms.
  • Atherosclerosis – Poor circulation due to plaque build-up. The disease that comes about is called peripheral artery disease (or PAD).
  • Thrombophlebitis – Means the clotting and inflammation of the veins.




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