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How to Achieve a Mind-Body Life

How to Achieve a Mind-Body Life
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What is a mind-body life? And who is Anthony Guilbert? Well, for starters, Anthony is all of these things:

  • Published Author

  • Award Winning College Professor

  • A Cultural Creative

  • Mind/Body Advocate and Promoter

  • NYC and now Colorado Native

  • And a coffee aficionado

What an amazing discussion with author, teacher, practitioner and all-around cultural creative Anthony Guilbert. We went into detail on how you can create a mind-body life the way he has done so effectively using practices such as Martial Arts, Qigong, Mindfulness and Meditation. We discuss humans “innate potential” and how that can be achieved with focused mind-body practices. We get into “healthy energy arts” that work to balance the nervous system.

In this interview, Anthony Guilbert is asked about:

  1. His mind-body life including practices such as martial arts, meditation, Qigong and mindfulness.

  2. Achieving a prolonged state of nervous system balance or equilibrium through a mind-body lifestyle.

  3. And how an imbalanced nervous system, like the one he had until he created his mind-body life, can lead to a difficult and unhealthy life.

Here are Anthony’s book recommendations:

General Mind/Body Studies:

• The Mystic Heart,  Bro. Wayne Teasdale.
• The Possible Human, Jean Huston
• The Biology of Transcendence, Joseph Clinton Pearce
• The Occult, Colin Wilson


• The Healer Within, Roger Jahnke
• A Complete Guide to Qigong, Daniel Reid
• The Way of Qigong, Kenneth Cohen
• The Roots of Chinese Qigong, Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming

Access the 1500-year-old Qigong health and vitality secrets here >>> 


• The Manual of Bean Curd Boxing, Paul Read
• Taijiquan, Through the Western Gate, Rick Barrett
• The Harvard Medical School Guide to Tai Chi: 12 Weeks to a Healthy Body, Strong Heart, and Sharp Mind, Peter Wayne
• Yang Tai Chi for Beginners, Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming

Here is the link I mentioned regarding mind/body & the military:

Contact Anthony by emailing him or reaching out on Twitter:



Anthony Guilbert- Cognition and Mind body Practice
Hello Alex here with Betteryears. I am about to get into an interview I recorded earlier with a gentleman by the name of Anthony Guilbert, this guy right here. So I found him through a couple keyword searches for Mind-Body and I was interested in talking to a professional that could tell me more about how mind body practices like yoga, mindfulness, meditation, martial arts; how those practices can really impact cognition, brain health, mental performance and he goes into explicit details on exactly that. He answers all of my questions very well; very insightful man, he’s a teacher, he’s a writer, he’s a professor, he was a student and now he’s a practitioner of numerous martial arts including Qigong, Tai Chi. He uses them daily to benefit his own cognitive abilities and reset his equilibrium and get more in balance. So enjoy this, it’s about forty minutes long and gets really good about minute twenty. So if you do not have time to watch the whole thing fast forward about twenty minutes in and watch it from there. Enjoy.
Alex: Why don’t we go ahead and talk about your background. Kind of what brought you here and where you’re at what you’re doing these days?

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