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More on Happiness... Regaining Your Happiness, Naturally

Regaining Your Happiness, Naturally
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The Way, Back to a Natural-Born Happiness

Some of us weren’t so lucky to enter the world with a natural-born happiness.  Some may have to overcome the part of our epigenetic hardwiring that wasn’t so delightful; some didn’t grow up in nurturing households, or even “households” at all; some grew up with famine, or disease, traumas, neglect, and/or violence. For others, extreme hardship, loss, and/or stress suffered as adults may have left them in the lurch.

But for anyone intent on recovering from depression, the courage to face their condition head on, and Do several challenging tasks each day will launch them off the bench and back in the game. The therapist becomes more like a coach shouting encouragement from the sidelines:

  • Accentuate the Positive! Find that Silver Lining!  
  • Eliminate Stress! But Challenge Yourself!
  • Establish Daily Routines!


  1. Regular Exercise!
  2. Getting plenty of sleep!
  3. Showing Gratitude! For Everything!
  4. Loving Care: Giving something to someone every day!
  5. Getting Involved in Social Events and Activities!
  6. Practicing your own Spirituality!
  7. Practicing Affirmations!
  8. Committing to A Regular Time for Meditation!
  9. Kindness and Service, Volunteer Work!
  10. Healthy Nutritional Habits!
  11. Letting Go! (could be a long list)   
  12. Having Fun! with Friends, Music, Dancing, Creative Hobbies
  13. Congratulating Yourself! Change is Difficult! and  
  14. Patience! Your Sex Life will return!

Through the practice of keeping this list in mind, anyone can become their own Life Coach. Once this list, or even part of this list, has been established as a daily routine depression will fade like morning mist, and natural-born happiness will return like sun. You will have taken charge of your life! You will be feeling good about yourself, your loved ones, and the world around you! You will have changed your mind, and your brain chemistry will follow.  

No need to test your blood, implant electrodes, make appointments, or take pills. By doing these things you will be thinking more and more good thoughts, moment to moment, day by day, on your journey walking “The Way.” With a balance of determination, acceptance, and letting go you will be blessed, well on your way to natural-born happiness!   


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Alex Glenn

Hey everyone, I'm Alex. I'm not a physician, and I don't have a masters degree. I just want to help people in the way I know how - using technology and relationships to make information more accessible. I founded Betteryears with the hope to fill a gap in the way brain health information is distributed and absorbed. Enjoy!